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Bondi Beach has just announced another of its weekly community service projects. This time the initiative is focused on the region’s public transport. We are very pleased to partner up with local Brisbane QLD Bondi Beach businesses, said Paul Sheppard, manager of operations for Bondi Beach Terminals. This project is a great example of working in partnership with local businesses while enhancing customer service for customers. We’re proud to support these small businesses as they work to increase their customer base. This is a win-win for all involved, added Mr Sheppard.

Australians who travel long distances to get to work or enjoy a weekend getaway don’t have time to do their own cleaning, says Ms Cappuccio. If they’re going to do it at home, they want it to be done right the first time and with excellent results. She explains that she and her fellow Australian exit house cleaners have come up with an efficient cleaning program in response to what has become a growing problem. There’s been an increasing amount of traffic onto our roads, she continues. There’s also been an increase in incidents of vehicle related accidents.

Ms Cappuccio and her fellow Australian exit-house cleaners have been studying a system devised by a former city planner, Philip Rice. It’s called the Philip Rice System and it was developed for the Australian state government. Its goal is to reduce the amount of time people spend cleaning up at City Airport, particularly by focusing their efforts on the most heavily used zones. It has proven effective in reducing the amount of noise from vehicles as well as improving customer satisfaction.

Philip Rice has become something of a celebrity in the United States and Australia and his techniques have been adopted in many US cities, including Springfield. His latest venture, the Rice Program, which uses an innovative data management system, is being rolled out across the country. It allows bond cleaning companies to focus their attention on the zones where they have the greatest turnover. The approach we’ve taken here is that if you’re a bond cleaner at Springfield airport, you don’t have to go to Victoria Park or wherever the traffic is at the time that you’re performing your cleaning, explains Ms Cappuccio. You just concentrate on the zones where the traffic is heaviest.

This method means bond cleaning in Springfield doesn’t just happen when the sun goes down and you can take a relaxing bubble bath. Instead, bond cleaners stay late, focus on the busiest zones and get the most done in the shortest turnaround time. It also means that bond cleaners aren’t putting themselves at risk of injury or taking days off work due to illness. They can work safely within their allocated work schedule, complete the work required and then get back to enjoying their day-to-day life, returning refreshed and renewed. It’s a win-win for all involved – the cleaners and the client.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Ms Cappuccio believes that in order to continue attracting and retaining the best staff, a business needs to have a sound understanding of how it is to operate in order to provide the very best service. Part of this involves analysing customer behaviour, what attracts them to bond cleaning in Springfield over other property managers and bond cleaning in Springfield over another property manager and in particular the property in question. It also means understanding what the property will look like after the work is done and what a bond cleaning in Springfield can do to retain and keep these families residents. In her experience, the best property managers also understand the importance of giving regular incentives to hard-working staff, whether through training, rewarding staff member with mini holidays or simply paying them a nicer salary.

We found that when we offered incentives we were able to retain people and get them back through a few years, she says. It is important to reward and acknowledge staff achievements and a bond cleaning company is no different – a nice dress code, occasional bonuses, a bit of recognition can go a long way. Of course, it is not all about money. It is equally important to acknowledge and reward customers, as they are the face of the property and often form the largest portion of the turnover between residents and bond cleaner, she adds. Contact Local Bond Cleaners Ipswich online at to get the best lease cleaners, exit bond cleaning, and house vacate clean services.

At the end of the day, if a property owner wants to attract and retain the best workforce possible, then they need to offer a competitive wage package, competitive hours of work, competitive rates, fantastic bonding services and above all – a warm welcome. Don’t forget, these same principles will apply to any franchise business you may be looking into or considering. The bottom line is that to achieve success in any franchise or business, its key factors must be consistency and structure, effective communication, a well-developed training program and above all, good rapport with the local residents.